My Tutor series

What is life? Some say it’s a lifespan of a person, animal or thing, some relate it to be a fixed time period, while some say it to be a continuous incremental clock with no looking back. Some say, “life is harsh” and then there are some respecting and idolizing it as the real idealistic teacher which first takes an exam and then teaches the invaluable lessons related to it.

With the dawn of every college semester, we end up grasping something more than just subjective knowledge about the subjects we learned during that period of time. We learn many invaluable aspects of life like friendships, brotherhood, sometimes love, sometimes heartbreak. Sometimes in a cheerful way, sometimes after having a close mishap with death.

Here are some of the invaluable lessons that life taught me through my ‘jail-time’ in hostel/college in Bathinda (Punjab) which I collected in the last pages of my subject notebook. This is my journey in college so far, summarized in small quotes and sentences.

There is a reason why I have named this page as ‘My-Tutor series’ because these quotes have been more than just a bunch of words and quite like a teacher to me, teaching me way too many invaluable life lessons. I hope these quotes and sentences prove useful and help show some glimpses of the real life from my point of view…


With love,

Ol’rawnder Saini