Because Poop #2 : The Reply

Her reply to ‘Because Poop‘ : My Poop Loving Friend

So my dear friend read my poem ‘Because Poop’, and actually loved it. This is what she wrote as a reply to it and tagged me on Mirakee… She’s a great writer and also an avid reader. You can find her on Instagram here and her writings on Mirakee here….

There is a friend
I found in you.
Little happiness
Bound to you.

Bumped together
In an unseemly way.
But you came out of the dark,
A bright sun ray.

All the silly talks,
And jumping topics
Like a frog.
Making fun of other’s clicks.

All the lame PJs
And all the stupid jokes
And even the poem
About poop!

‘Cause its something
Only you could do.
Finally, finally,
I found a friend
In you.
You know who,
This is for you.




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