Because Poop

Avoiding having to poop at office
He drove like a maniac back home
Only to be received with a warm welcome
By no water in every goddamn washroom

Didn’t have lunch
Coz was broke as fuck
He stayed awake till 2
Only to sleep once he had pooped

Dinner didn’t help his case much
But he had to eat something
For the energy to push and excrete
Wasn’t gonna come outta just anything

But his new friend sure was helpful
From poop jokes to sharing job experiences cool!
Time went by smooth
And here I am writing this having finished my poop..


#PoopStories #PoopStation #Poop #ShitHappens #PoopPhilosphies #PoopingTime
Thanks @mayatixid



2 Comments Add yours

    1. Ol'rawnder Saini says:

      Obviously yr… poop is gold! Poop is everything


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