Delving in

Reach out for me
Like I reach out for you
hold me tightly
Like you’ll never let go

*Delving into each others dreams*

Look into my eyes
Tell me what you see
Only then you’ll realise
How much you mean to me

Take my hand
Lead me your way
Tonight I’m blind
Be my shining star in the dark sky

Let’s get lost together
Exploring each other
Till we find reason another
How grear we’ll be of a father n mother

*And when we do find one*

Show me your wild side
Enlighten me with your wild beast
Tonigt don’t let it bother whats wrong n right
Just unleash your beast and forget the rest

Don’t be scared
We’ve come so far
Let’s prepare
For what future holds for us
Not so far…..

I know it’s been a long while since I last posted something on WordPress. Workload at office and being totally drained once getting home has been keeping me away from penning down my dreams and visions where I tend to get lost every now and then… 

Wrote this piece during the lunch break at my office and a few more which need a few letters and words to be moved around… Will post them too as soon as I’m done with them. 

Hope I find some new inspiration to write about. A new crush at office is working fine for me for now 😉 😉 


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