Two women

​Two women who changed my life entirely,
Born the same day same year coincidentally.
Two women I fell for so badly,
Who cared more or less but gave shit about it, sadly.
One knew me as ‘the charlie’,
The other often referred to me as donkey.
One who has been left far behind in the past already,
The other too was on the same way apparently.
Things no matter how bad turned out to be,
Years no matter how many might’ve passed by but I’ll still be,
Clinging on to those memories silly,
Where we’d be fooling around with complete idiocy.
For once not thinking about the surroundings,
Smiling adherently,
Laughing innocently.
Fighting innovatively,
But Forgiving not so quickly.
The two women who crossed paths with me,
No longer in contact with me,
This is me wishing them a happy birthday,
Secretly and silently… 


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