If I could wish for anything,
I would wish to go back 2 years.
2 years ago when I had my everything,
Was stubborn energetic without any fears.

If I could say anything to my then myself,
I would’ve said, “think less love more,
You’ve got yourself
Everything you’ve been waiting for”.

If I could point him to a direction,
I’d point him down and said,
“Don’t lose the flowers while,
Aiming for the stars…”

If I could motivate him, I’d say
“Don’t fear the change, its not that bad after all,
You did rumble, tumble and stumble
But at the end you did managed to stroll.

If I could be there for him,
I’d choose that day when,
He had accepted the dark grim,
And was ready to give up then.

If I could relive a moment again,
It’d surely be that first magical kiss.
Stirring a lightening bolt through me and,
Slowing down time into Abyss.

But if I had to thank someone,
I just couldn’t thank one.
For all that today I am,
It’s all because of every single
one you who crossed paths with me.
From my simplistic soft ex,
To ones who shared classroom benches,
From the ones who saw me rarely cry,
To the ones who made efforts at it n tried,
From the ones who no longer care to stay connected,
To the ones who desperately send messages and are amazing.
I wish I could go back and ask for,
My old me to “live extra fearlessly,
And appreciate ya’all more”

-A message to my younger self
If only I could have it somehow sent..


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