Boys or girls , which one is better?
Both are like pearls, but let’s talk about the latter.
Even before opening their eyes, there lies a gigantic risk,
Upon which their future lies, to see this world of futuristic.
It all lies on willpower, to either grow them big,
Or to be like a killer, and dump them like a dead pig.
May those be cursed, to suffer and not to tell,
Because they being the worst, should suffer for converting innocence to hell.

A girl educated, is like a fruit tree,
Just have it watered, and get its fruits for free.
Talking about fruits; their character, they’re loving, caring and full of capabilities.
And I am damn sure, that they do stand by their responsibilities.
When they grow up, and attain that mature age,
They actually gear themselves up, for life’s most difficult stage.
As now they will be cookin and lookin after, at least a minimum of three more,
And later in that life’s chapter, that three will change to four more…..

And so this beautiful course, set by nature sustains,
But is unable due to some dreadful force, by some maggots which prevail.
And due to it, that RISK, that FEAR, that DANGER OF DEATH lurks  everywhere,
But my dear friends lemme tell you, ‘ANGER’, one short of ‘DANGER’, is also everywhere…

So my dear friends its TIME,
When we don’t need any RHYME,
Or any sort of MIME,
Because it’s PRIMETIME,

Plzz help spread the word of the hour……

India is a country which has sex ratio around 940 at the moment according to the census reports of 2011, which clearly shows that we’re still having a long way to go. People need to  be educated to understand the catastrophe this might us to. All the developed countries, be it the America, Russia, fellow European countries like UK, Switzerland, etc all have higher sex ratios and the major reason also lies in the literacy levels of those very countries. The countries lacking in literacy levels have also been seen to be lacking far behind in the sex ratio for eg. Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, mid eastern countries etc. So this is the high time to educate people about this issue that a girl child is a blessing rather than a bane to existence.


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