Bhagwant Mann: Conspirator to pose threat to Indian Parliament or Victim to Social Media and Press Media?

This guy is Bhagwant Mann. 2 years ago, he contested elections from a city named Sangroor (Punjab India) and unsurprisingly won because of his love for working for the people and the connection, the bond, the trust and respect he garnered from everyone while doing stand-up comedies, acting in POLLYWOOD movies etc

Fast forward two years of his work in the parliament and for the people such that being praised not only by his own people of Sangroor, but also by many foreign countries which invited him along with other fellow ministers of India to give and take the coins of efficient political work.

Recently we had a terrorism attack in Patiala. A rather nasty one killing many army men in their own camps by storming into the camp. Dozens of civilians too were hurt, some passing away. The situation being so bas that the NSG (National Security Guard) had to be brought in to kill the terrorists who were inside the camp and as well as the ones hiding in houses nearby the camp.

After the appreciable hardwork by our forces, and thorough investigations, last month Punjab government (the state encompassing Patiala and Sangroor) having used Central government’s NSG to tackle the the situation was given a hefty bil of whooping 7.1 crore rupees. A sum to be paid by the victim state government to the central government for using the NSG in crisis.

This matter was taken dearly by none other than Bhagwant Mann and he wrote personally to the government stating to as, “why this bill should be paid by the Punjab government where the forces were used to tackle terrorism? As if Punjab isn’t dear to Center government which is why they are asking us to pay……..?”

The matter was taken seriously and due to him (Bhagwant Mann), Punjab government was bailed off paying the dues to the Center Government, which clearly depicts his love towards his state and his people. He has been semi active on social media too discussing several issues on his social media accounts as well as showing people the work he’s done as the minister of the state.

He posted a video today on his social media account showing the process of ‘Zero Hour questioning’ in the Indian parliament. The video depicting several of our Army men guarding the parliament, and the procedure of ‘Zero Hour questioning’. The video went viral, with the opposition parties claiming that his video has revealed the locations of army men guarding the Indian Parliament, which could assist the terrorists plan another attack on the Indian Parliament like one in 2001 killing several MPs.

Considering the fact that Bhagwant Mann has been an honest and efficient minister from Sangroor who could be the face of AAP and lead the party to victory as pre-polls are suggesting (100+ seats out of 117 seats), this has been quite a gutsy but not so smart move by him which could land him in legal trouble given that he has been summoned by the speaker of Lok Sabha.

Amidst the rumors that the Navjot Singh Sidhu may not be the face of AAP’s elections this year but may bag another bigger role, and him being the only other probable candidate to be the face, this could be a game changer in the already steaming hot pot of politicians and parties trying to seize every moment, every chance hurled at them.  The current government (BJP+SAD led by CM Parkash Singh Badal and his son Deputy CM Sukhbir Singh Badal) are already under speculations for spreading drugs amongst the youth of Punjab, hiking the transportation charges (way higher than either neighboring states), owning the Mercedes and Orbit luxury transportation businesses directly or indirectly, owning the cable TV network spread across the state (FastWay). More about their assets can be found here and here.

So amidst the whole controversy where BJP, CONGRESS slamming AAP minister Bhagwant Mann asking him to be arrested, charged, or to resign, this is his response in the video below, for the reason why and everything he did and and what were his intentions and how they were taken, used and abused by the politicians and social media and press media.

Roughly translating from Punjabi, his response was, “Is the parliament really in danger by my video which is always heavily guarded by the army and police?”.

“By posting a video can parliament really be vulnerable having many many viral videos of US President getting off his chopper from the lawns of White House?” he said.

Even as the video was dubbed as ‘highly irresponsible’ and ‘foolish’ by opposition parties, Mann told reporters that he would shoot another video tomorrow. “Let me be served a notice,” he said.

I hope this controversy ends up with eventually ‘the state’ coming out victorious, having not lost a good politician..



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