My Best Friend: A Girl

Those stupid conversations,
Those illogical theories,
Those carefree moments,
Now just stories.
For once and all,
It’ll have to end,
With you be gone,
Just like that my friend.
With only pics to remember,
Of your pretty smiling face,
Interestingly which reminds me,
Of a whole new different phase.
Flashbacks of us fighting,
Giggling and enlightened,
The bonds tightened,
Never knowing,
Soon to be widened.
Because the summer was almost over,
And it was time for autumn.
A phase of life,
To let go of few odd ones.
Because I promised,
To be always there,
And to hold your hand,
Only for you to say, “I can’t….”
Because we were just friends.
The relationship with
Inevitable dead ends.
Because recalling you smiling,
Here I am writing,
After sighting,
A pic of you online, hiking
Just after the wedding,
Where I was forgotten to be invited
To offer my blessings.
Because this is life,
Not always offering shining pearls.
As I was a boy,
With my best friend,
A girl.

I was chatting with my ‘once-used-to-be’ crush (a pretty girly girl) and had a moment of silence, a rather short one where my mind at midnight pondered will it be the same after she’s married? Would we be chatting the same way? Would she be my savior at post midnights when I’m all alone and sad with possible anxiety and depression? And most importantly would she remember me and value the moments spent digitally together?

That led to this fictional poem, where a boy remembered his female bestie who once he loved, but couldn’t be together forever….




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