My Life: A Time Bomb

Can’t explain the the thought behind this one. Part afraid, part worried, part convinced nobody gives a fuck. So here I am once again, writing a part of my soul off to be left on some computer server, to be barely read by anyone who matters. It’d be funny and ironical on the popularity of this post (or the whole blog itself) once I’m gone or something like that… Then people would go like OMG, he really was crazy and insane.

Anyways here’s another poem I’ve written ready to be left into the unknown, for the unknown and maybe by someone unknown as well…. (PS: I’m still trying to find who and what am I)
Difficulties in speaking out loud,
To nobody answering when you do ask out,
Visionary perceptions and goals to implement,
To not being able to get off the bed!!
Whatever the problem,
With flow he rode,
But now life’s a time bomb,
just waiting to explode.

Always thinking about the road less traveled,
To settling for what society always had planned.
Outside the box thinker,
Highly imaginative day-dreamer,
To feeling numb at night,
Giving up on all his fights.
But now with no light in sight,
Life just no more seems any right.

Fitness was never a thing to worry,
To now carrying a fuckin fat belly.
Apparently body shamming is an issue,
For being a stick wearing shoes.
Being termed as brightest of all,
To sinking deep with a slight fall.
Because Life’s like a job appointment call,
Which unfortunately you didn’t get at all.

Passionate wrong decisions at the start,
Mean regretful decisions can also come from the heart.
Doesn’t matter where you once stood,
What you ‘can‘ matters not what you ‘could‘.


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