The thing about travelling is that it allows us feel the differences, absorb the uniqueness of the unexplored, test our flexibility and compatibility against our comfort zones. But the most vital thing about travelling is that it’s temporary, would be momentarily over soon, just a small bite of the whole cake ‘life’.

We enjoy the concept of vacations, honeymoons and touring places away, far away from home not always for the sake of joy, peace or starting over again fresh after a break, but because sometimes we just want to escape. Escape from from what we have and to explore what’s up for grabs out in the open.
Sometimes soul,
Sometimes things,
Sometimes people,
Sometimes human beings.

Often we go a lil backwards before marching ahead, turn in the opposite direction we intend to go before correcting the ourselves. Often ‘needing’ rather than ‘wanting’ decisions to be made automatically or by someone else just for a change sometimes. We often prefer peace over wild parties, water over vodka, winter over summers, shirts over t-shirts and then back to summers full of vodkas while partying wearing t-shirts. Human tendencies change over time which,
Sometimes are fulfilled with things,
as simple as small donuts,
Sometimes require breakups.
Sometimes require us staying still,
Sometimes want us running breathlessly until,
The hungry soul’s filled.

We often confuse ourselves with travelling and moving. While both the terms being vaguely different, where one enabling soul-searching at the cost of change and the other allowing change at the cost of the soul itself.

“Changes in life are habitually accepted by all only at the cost of time, size and sometimes soul.”


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