Solitary Confinement: Sick, Barbaric and Inhumane

I was reading about ‘Chelsea Manning’ a whistleblower who enlightened us with the truth about war in Iraq and Afghanistan and how she was subjected to roughly 9 months in solitary confinement and this just left me shell shocked!! Just 1 hour out of the cell and spending the rest 23 alone without any human contact for months to decades?!?!?! And moreover the federal prisons have the right to hold you up for as long as they want in solitary confinement as they want to based upon stupid or silly reactions like
  • staring at the guards
  • eating your food completely
  • talking profanity
  • having being raped in past by inmates or guards etc.
The most shocking this is no regulatory supervision on these confinement acts… I mean, the government be spying on every-goddamn-body but has set up no regulations for this matter which is known to cause sever mental illnesses and issues like insanity, hallucination, nightmares, lack of sleep being the most common ones. And did I mention no human contacts? Indeed no lawyers, no telephones, and the one hour you get to go out of the cell is to a room or lawn alone where you most probably will be in shackles.
Now think about that for a second. No rights, no freedom, no psychiatrist or psychologists to back you up in case of your (inevitable) insanity driven out of the procedure, no lawyers, no regulation whatsoever!

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JUST THINK ABOUT IT FOR A SECOND!!! And to make it more realistic, checkout the link below which will lead you to a virtual solitary confinement cell. After you go through the virtual solitary confinement, think about yourself or one of your loved one spending decades there unchecked by anyone, probably left to rot and die, either by panic attacks, insanity, or suicide itself (which unsurprisingly aren’t low).
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The Virtual Reality Solitary Confinement video:-
The post that i was reading on Chelsea Manning which terrified me, staggered an wave of immense anger and sadness both combined somehow. 😦
For my readers, I want to make a thing clear. For me, Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning, Antoine Deltour, and countless various whistleblowers out there in the free world (not so free), You are the uncredited HEROES! The people unacknowledged for their sacrifices, their efforts, their daily life battles, their sole presence has led to countless changes in the world and given their efforts of bringing out the truth has made such an ultimate tussle in the world of leaders who have done nothing but for themselves only. We can never thank you ever for your efforts. Maybe not in this lifetime of yours but we hope to act upon this topic and bring a change credited to you guys!!

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