Life: explained with a bunny

Wishing life to be simple, kind, gentle and generous is like expecting a cute bunny to go round the world without:-

1) ending up eaten by the deadliest omnivores and carnivores.
2) being taken captive by fellow humans and then let out for adoption.
3) slowing up because after strolling the land and surviving both 1) and 2) it turns out to be a super bunny who now has to cover 3x the land it covered without sinking in and/or being killed by the deadliest sea creatures.
4) without being a god. Well after that long journey surviving all above, humans do have a tendency to worship anything and almost anything that seems incredible or powerful while not being able to understand it….

So in short life ain’t like that bunny. The moment you step out of your comfort zone, you could be shot in the nuts, or breath in a bug carrying zika virus, or get struck by lightening 7 fucking times, or just have a monster truck run over you. There are many fucking possibilities, but that doesn’t mean you gotta stop.

For a life well risked is a life well lived…



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