Bas Vekhi Java

Well this seriously came out of nowhere. At one moment I’m dead asleep and then seconds later I’m getting ideas for this piece of poetry. So I start with a concept on rhyme scheme, made up two lines and then BAMM! I OPEN MY LAPTOP AND WROTE THIS SMALL PIECE OF POETRY..!

An ode for feelings being expressed out which are hard to let out, let alone in this mistrusted world. Punjabi is the communication channel chosen for this one where a lad, confused in love, desperately tries to let out what his heart wants and his situation. #WorthARead

bas vekhi java, vekhi java,
sirf tenu e tenu, main vekhi java.

haiga jehne v banaya,
kinna haseen eh banaya.
kinna waqt hona laya,
kinna gurr tere ch paya.

kinni planning kiti honi,
kinne rough sketches banaye hone,
eh haseen chehre nu banaun layi,
kinne unindriya raata katiya honiya.

kinne taare kho kho k leone pye,
raata ch chan to luko luko k.
teri yaadan ch main o sajaye,
apne supneya ch ro ro k.

pta ni kehra rog hai lagya,
ya keher tera bharpeya,
kyu ajkal jee ni lagda,
tenu ik pal v vekhe bina.

par dar lagda dasde hoye,
dar lagda bayan karde hoye.
kite 4 lavs galt pe gye,
patt na jave seconta ch,
janam lage jehre phull nu khilde hoye

tahi ta,

bas vekhi java, vekhi java,
sirf tenu e tenu, main vekhi java.

mera dar
tenu paun de
chaa nalo jyaada
tenu khon
da haiga kudiye.


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