The Instability of stable people

I remember her words,

‘with time,
friends come n go,
some stay
others go with the flow…’

It’s always up-to us, which ones we wanna keep and which ones we’d love to shed. There’s a cost to everything. Same is the thing reasons to everything… Some lock up those reasons deep down their hearts, others spread em out loud.

But not every said friend stays till the end…

Dedicated to all of them out there….


The moment you realize
Not many do understand you,
Is the moment you realize,
About the crowd actually behind you.The ones who said,

‘They’ll walk along’,
The ones who said,
‘Together we belong’,
The ones who,
Actually walked the mile,
The ones who,
Willingly shared a smile,
Pretending ‘they cared for a while’…

Showing they care,
Pretending to be here,
While they do their,
Own work everywhere.

Sometimes I find mosquitoes,
far interesting n satisfyin.
True, They too be sucking on our own blood,
But at least, they ain’t pretending to be allies.

I’m no hero.
I’m no goddamn Superman.
I’m just a common guy,
Out there try’na survive.

Ain’t got no cold heart,
I believe in needin,
‘feels for heals’.
Ain’t great in looks part,
I believe in the soul beneath,
‘character’s gonna matter’.

Constantly torn between,
Treat others how you expect to be treated.
Do give those mo’fuckers a piece of yo mind.

People come n go,
It’s up to you,
how’d you have them know.
Whether to stay,
Or to hit the road…


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