Rude ‘n sore

It’s hard to forget someone
Who has given a lot to remember.
It’s hard to forgive someone
Who has given the scars forever.

But yet somehow,
We do, let go.
We do forgive,
We do forget,
What they did.
The damage, the casualties,
The I’m sorry n other formalities.

Sure it takes time
To heal and move on.
Sure it takes more than just wine,
To either get lost,
Or to not wanna lean on,
And march on.

Haaah! You say there’s a void inside me.
Well lemme tell you somethin,

‘It’ ain’t void.
‘It’ ain’t vacant.
‘It’ ain’t empty.
‘It’ ain’t free space.
There’s a MONSTER in there.
A creepy unorthodox human-like creature.

‘It’ might look like
Somewhat inhumane.
Totally insane.
Total opposite of Seth MacFarlane.

But to be honest,
It’s the good guy.
Standing rock hard, as a guard.
In this dense dark forest,
Trying level best to keep away
The loneliness and frustration.
The ‘I hate everyone’ and ‘fuck people’ aggression.
The ‘I don’t trust anyone’ and ‘I can’t trust anyone’.

It might not be morally,
Socially, hygienically right for ‘it’
To be a part of the society anymore.
But would you wanna think about the,
Reason why ‘it’ has taken these steps,
For being this goddamn rude ‘n sore?



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