Hard Fought Cricket Match: 3rd yr Vs 4th yr

Tough match today…
@AbhishekTiwary scored a splendid innings of 80+ at a strike rate of 150+ with as many as 5 sixes and twice as many boundaries… He took the reeling team from 29 in 13 overs to 114 in 20 overs

A rough incident took place as well, where the 4th yr vice captain and 3rd yr captain had a very very aggressive heated argument. This was followed by a one match ban on both the players.

Defending the target, we had a great start while scraping off 2 early wickets in the 2nd over and then putting on the pressure till the 6th over, but after that the batting run-rate climbed steeply. which was brought down primarily by Jap E Singh.

From 12 needed from 18 balls, with 4 wickets in hand, it all went down to the last over with 3 needed by the 10th wicket batsmen.

I was gonna bowl that last over. As I was the only experienced bowler with  an over left from the quota of 4 overs. (all pressure on me)
Ball 1:- I run down the wicket dismantling the non striker ends bails in order to run out the non striking batsmen. He was comfortably in.

Ball 1:- Good length ball outside off stump. Swing and a miss. 3 runs needed from 5 balls.

Ball 2:- Short of good length ball outside off, moving inwards, towards the batsman. Swing and a miss. 3 runs needed from 4 balls.

(In the mean time, I ask the long on batsman to come up on the circle for the catch and/or to stop the singles)

Ball 3:- Short of Full length on to the middle stump, hit above the fielder I just moved up on the 30 yd circle. They take 3 runs, the ground erupts with 4th yr players running all over the field taunting us aggressively. I was shattered. Whole 3rd yr was shattered.

A damn hard fought match, ended up in vain..


Konica Sharma , you dared me for posting a status update on Facebook about losing the match, here I am with a blog post about that..


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