The Wise Woman

TODAY’S LESSON :-  “If  You’re being stopped for something wrong that you’re doing in a public place, DO STOP………”

Location- somewhere inside Delhi metro…

It’s noon and Definitely not the rush hour, as the whole coach where i was sitting with my backpack had merely 6-8 people in it.

Not quite far away from me there was a newly wed couple sitting alone on the bench near the second door from last door of the last coach. The princess (or the just-wed-bride) had her head on her prince’s shoulder, looking at him, with faith, affection and compassion.  And the prince had placed his arm gently over her princess’s shoulder. They were chatting about something. Whispering, to be precise.

Then there comes a wild group of 3 boys. They seemed to be in their 20’s.  long Oiled hair. Well fashioned. Decent looking. Chatting about their college life and stuff, laughing heavily, to which even I got a bit startled and irritated. From Udyog nagar, as soon as the train changes its pace from nil to 60+ to approach the next station ‘Peeragarhi’ the boys group too change their topic to girlfriends, their slutty attitude and their figures. Use of cuss words was so common in their spoken language, that they were using at least 3-4 foul words in a sentence. Anybody could have easily ignored them, if and only if their voice levels were a little low as compared to their current loudness….

To this, when the princess got irritated and startled, she complained to her prince who immediately called out the group members, asking them ‘nicely’ to either change their respective topics or lower their voices.  They replied a big ok, accepting not one but both of the prince’s conditions…. But only for a while…. After which, they were back on their old ways again. To this when the prince asked them ‘humbly’ again, one of the member guy, dressed in yellow shirt and black/Brown Capri, (its a random guess on what ‘actually’ he was wearing as I’m not that good at recognizing today’s fashion…..) Replies back in an odd and rude tone saying .’dude, Wtf is your problem….? We are sharing a word about our ‘own’ stuff and that too this time in a f*cking low voice (which actually wasn’t)…  Wtf is bothering you….? ‘

And that little spark was enough to ignite a word fire between the newly wed couple and the small  three member group. It was like a handicap match. 3 vs 1or1.01 as the princess rarely said a word or two….  Maybe because she had enough faith in her prince, or maybe this was a whole new situation for her making her afraid, numb and unable to react.

For a while the firing was exactly equal and simultaneous from both the sides of the border of Pakistan and India, when suddenly the tall guy of the group wearing brownish shirt and something dark underneath said,’chal chod na sale BC… Kiske muh lag rha hai……’ To which the princess whispered something into her prince’s ears and the prince suddenly went into stone cold silence and calmness…..

A little while later,

~”Next station is kirti nagar. This train terminates here. Change here for the blue line. Doors will open the right.

   Agla station kirti nagar hai. Yeh gaadi ab aur aage nahi jayegi. Agar apko blue line main jana hai to Yahan uttarain. “

As the ‘kirti nagar’ metro station arrived, the 3-membered group exited from the doors first followed by the couple. As the the group was about to exit via the token counter by using their respective tokens or metro cards/passes, the couple calls out for police, dragging everyone’s attention. The station’s cleaning staff and the police who were deployed for security and checking through every passenger, came rushing. The couple asks them to stop the group from exiting the station. They were stopped immediately.  While the couple was narrating the whole story to a police officer, a crowd gathered around them almost shaping a circle.

The group, being at back-foot, gives its own explanation of the scene and all to which suddenly a random guy (maybe station manager or something) shows up and orders the police to take them all inside the customer care office and proceed the case furthermore there, after which all the crowd including me were now standing outside the customer care office, looking through the transparent glass window. As none of us, who were standing outside could hear what they were saying, so it was now kind-off safe to say that we all were standing just to watch them make ‘strange signs with their hands in the air sometimes pointing at each other, sometimes pointing at the ground… ‘

After a while of a never-lasting look-like discussion the couple comes outta the customer care office with a sigh of relief, and simply uses its metro pass/card and leaves the station leaving the 3-membered group behind, but this time with a couple of more police officers than a while ago….



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