Dukh Tab Hota Hai

Here’s a quick view to all the feelings one might feel, while missing his frnds. While talking to his frnds. While recalling what happened with them again in the past… The sweet memories…equivalent to a few drops of tears while they are on his mind.
A special thanks to someone for giving me the opportunity to write this. By giving me the sweet memories to cherish again in between a hard time….

Dukh tab hota hai,
Jab do dost jhagad kar
Hamesha k liye juda Ho jate hai.

Khushi tab hoti hai,
Jab wahi do bichde dost jhagad kar bhi
Fir se hamesha k liye dost ban jate hai.

Sukoon tab milta hai,
Jab wo dost Apni meethi meethi yaadein,
Fir se yaad kar muskurate hai.

Aur Dard tab hota hai,
Jab wahi dost apne bichadne ki baat,
Yaad kar us par vartalaab karte hai.

Par asal jeene ka maja tab ata hai,
Jab wahi dost hamesha k liye saath rehne ki,
Hamesha Ek doosre ki madad karne ki,
Aur Ek doosre ko kabhi na Bhoolne ki,
Kasam khaaya karte hai…

Tabhi is dil ko Aur jeene ki tamanna hoti hai,
Tabhi Ye insaan maut se apne liye kuch Aur samay jeene ko maangta hai…


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