Consuming beef apparently makes you a traitor

If spreading Hinduism across this country is the only reason why all this beef controversy, politics and violence is going on, there’s only four possible things that can happen…

1) either these political parties trying to protect cows and stop #BeefEating , should separate their so-called hindu religion from the original Hindu religion which prevailed before this ” #AccheDinAaGye ” government took control of the central government…

2) they should form a separate country for themselves where one part of India who loves/would wanna eat #beef shall stay peacefully and the rest of “cow-lovers” can go marry off the cows in the other country…

3) India being a secular, sovereign country should take strong steps against these #AntiBeef protesters who think since party in control of the central government is “Hindu” so should laws be for all the citizens of India.. 
**Personally I believe this isn’t quite possible as modi and his party members are the ones in majority behind this menace…**

4) everyone should convert to anything but Hinduism, eat beef in front if them…

India is a country to not just Hinduism… And everyone is free to eat, dress and do whatever the f*ck anyone wants to.. I feel ashamed of these people shattering peace in India and disrupting the environment… If they really did have problems with beef, why protest now? Why not a day before elections while modi was declared as national candidate for BJP?

Modi would’ve surely won if they’d said clearly that, “we’re gonna threaten to punish the Chief Ministers of various Indian States if they promoted #beefeating by behead them and play football the blood dripping skull.. ”

Surely because nobody would’ve voted for modi ji in that case.. OK, then why didn’t they do that long ago during the congress rule? Why just  shush up about this and slam only Arvind kejrival, Dr Manmohan, Anna Hazare, etc etc?

India is a country where a billion live, who are free to dress up as they wish, practice any religion of their choice, have freedom to speech and have their civil rights to live peacefully  anywhere in the country until and unless they disturb the Indian constitutional laws. And it doesn’t say anywhere in the Indian constitutional laws the consuming beef isn’t allowed or that makes us anti-Indian or a traitor…

I am saddened by the remarks of some mentally ill people who hate Muslims and want #beef consumers to move to Pakistan… Such hatred for a religion by a national party which is currently in power of the center, its a shame… I really wish the Prime minister of India breaks up his silence in this matter and things go back to normal and may his “Acche din” soon take shape in reality…..


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