Then and Now

It’s pretty Interesting how relationships change our daily life. How the things, life and people attached around relationship(s) change with passage of time. How either ’empty and dull’ or ‘wonderful and flamboyant’ life becomes after it takes its last breath.

Simple salient,
Rude and ignorant.
Loving and caring,
Completely ignoring.
Precious everything,
Not even something.
Thinking about it all the time,
The non existent signs.
Eternity eye contacts,
The ‘Get outta my f*ckin sights’.
Hand-in-hand locks,
The touch droughts.
The stupid fights,
Lol, She was right…
The memorable dates,
Just calendar dates.
Helpful suggestions,
Delivered projections.
I can’t live without you,
I can’t f*ckin stand you.
The togetherness,
The loneliness.
Will forget you.
I regret you.


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