Smallest, Shortest but Sweetest

This here is a poem, that I wrote on the occasion of a small moment which shall remain quite close to my heart till my last breath, no matter if she chooses to stay with me to share the moment forever or not… 

Now I would like you live that very very special moment of mine… I expect my readers to not only ‘live’ this moment but to also ‘feel’ what was going on with me that day, once not a while ago…..

We were in our normal dresses,
awaiting for the teacher to come.
everything was just too normal,
but not actually for someone.

we were sitting parallel,
yeah! on the backmost benches,
and I was waiting for the right moment,
to open my box of munchies.

after a few minutes,
when I found everyone a bit distracted,
I quickly opened my Tiffin box,
as the part of the plan I had architected.

oh shit! oh sorry,
I almost forgot.
that I haven’t provided you,
the storyline’s exact plot.

let’s rewind a little bit….

It’s like umm.. a day before this scene,
we were chatting about meals,
when she asked me somethin with zeal,
which later turned into a one sided deal.

the deal was to bring delicious eatables,
to school next day,
and to share them with each other,
was like a hard difficulty mission anyway….

I, taking the deal seriously,
asked my mom to bake,
to make something extraordinary,
which was nevertheless, ‘a chocolate cake’

ok so now you might have easily understood,
the story till ‘opening tiffin’ scene.
now take a wild guess on what might,
the story after that be…

plz make a random guess.

and now compare it.

with my story.

to see if your guess was legit.

I called her with her nickname,
n asked for a bite.
but she, after hearing me, was so shell shocked!
that her eyebrows went flaring upright.

she said, she was just joking and the deal,
was a mere ‘timepassing’ conversation.
and silly you saini,
who took it like a top secret mission.

I still urged her,
to take a small piece.
my request seemed so sincere,
as if I was pleading while on my knees…

after arguing a lot,
and convincing her a fact,
that after eating a piece of my cake,
she won’t get fat.

she took a small piece,
shoved it into her mouth,
and after gulping it down,
she said somethin that I was waiting to listen about.

ummm it’s yummy,
was what she said.
and then I, after hearing that,
took a breath of relief and rose from shivering dead.

and then the teacher came in,
Who was quite late.
ending my,
smallest, shortest but sweetest date…..

                               thank you for this sweet moment.
                                        which I’ll never forget.


**The small tiffin box visible does belong to me, and the school bag next to it is hers. Yes indeed we were back benchers. But this pic was taken on a random day after the above incident took place, but luckily it completely matched the description of my poem and suited it in every way possible. Luck? Coincidence? Fate? I dunno.. But it is a sweet memory which is fading with age 😦 **


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