Mitzie Poem

This here is a poem that my classmate gave me as a beautiful gift. It is somethin that I think I won’t be forgetting till my last breath… This little rhyme is based on a true incident. I would really like to thank her for giving me a rare moment to cheer… Thanks Mitzie….

You were sitting like 3 on a bench of 2,
Though I had a vacant seat just for you.
I asked you to come back n sit with me,
Tapping on your shoulder, asking gently.
You said a BIG NO by nodding your head,
Transforming my live heart to stone cold dead.
But despite of all that, I was still staring at your hair,
Wishing my fingers to be amongst them.
I wish I could say, “yoyre looking pretty”
Standing face to face with the beauty.
But all I can is curse my luck for not being that good.
Exactly like this rhyme which also ain’t that good.
But I believe in a thing called TRYING,
known to be better than sitting alone and CRYING!!!!


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