Here’s a short story I wrote on the topic of FORGIVENESS…. hope you like it and enjoy it….
Feel free to leave any feedback you’d like to leave about the short story

Once I  went to father to reveal my sins and ask for forgiveness… As I was revealing my sins inch by inch the father was getting more and more freaked out! He sought out, that I’m really quite dangerous.. To which then I told him about the burden of the guilt for my unforgivable crimes that I had committed in my life so far, which now were killing me faster than all the deadly addictions in the world combined together.

To this Father smiled and replied,
“son when somebody throws a stone at you, there can only be three major reasons for that.
Firstly either he saw you do something wrong.
Or secondly he somehow knows you did somethin wrong or suspects you did somethin wrong.
Or thirdly he’s just a sick human who’s escaped a mental asylum, n just likes to see other peoples head pop when the stone’s achieves a ‘bulls eye’…

Well honesty you cant do much about the escapees, as you know son, god has gifted each n everyone, with the best he could offer to every single human. But you know sometimes some defects just arise.. maybe they had done somethin wrong in the past for which they’re being punished now. those timid docs say that it’s coz of some brain malfunction but you know what? let’s just toss out these silly degree holders, their postulates and stupid assumptions aside..with which they come up with something new every single new sunrise….
But, my son. You really can do a lot about the other two. Like For the one who saw you do the crime, wouldn’t have actually seen you if you weren’t doing that heinous thing at the very first place.
Now talking about the second, when you’be managed to sneak out clean or you somehow taken good care of the first or the first case never takes place which I personally don’t think is your case, then all you gotta do is to fake ’em all, start a new life and never do that thing again…..

Well my son, since you’re Here in front of me asking for ‘forgiveness’, theres only two reasons for that. Either you took good care of the guy who saw you at the first place BUT the sin’s been eating you up inside or you haven’t been faking around coz if you had, then you surely wouldn’t have been siting here, confessing in this small 2×3 room….

See my son, our good lord knows everything. What good one has done or what bad one has committed. And likewise he’s got surprises for every single ne of them. Good surprises for the good ones. Bad for the bad ones. Yet he has a place for forgiveness in his heart, be it that one killed ‘a’ person or ‘a’ grand. Be it one raped ‘a’ young girl or ‘a’ dozen old ones. Be it one stole from ‘a’ rich or from ‘many’ poverty stricken…

That lord, he has a big heart. He forgives every single one no matter how bad his sin might be. But for that, there’s  just one and only one condition…. ‘To start a new life for the good, by the good and with the good…’

Do that my son, and all your sins shall be forgiven. And that, I guarantee you…..

Now go live your life, son. I’ve got a feeling coming from deep inside my heart saying that, ‘this owner of this very depressed voice, HAS some GOOD SURPRISES awaiting him in his near future ….. “


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