‘Candle-light’ poop

One might have heard about ‘candle-light dinner’ n stuff related to that. I know it’s romantic, lovely and unforgettable if the occasion is special n everyone would love to have that experience. Atleast once.

But have you ever tried lightning up two birthday candles in you toilet and taking a poop? Well I can tell you it’s not at all romantic and there’s nothing lovely and wanting about this one here. But as a matter of fact I must tell that it can also prove to be a big nightmare for one, if he/she is stuck up in a situation like this and the wind is blowing continuously and ferociously inside from the window as out there, there’s a big thunderstorm making your two tiny incandescents give out blurry lighting, provided you have tiles up till the ceiling of your toilet making that lil blurry golden light reflect in the small dark room….

You, being already scared of darkness, are now shell-shocked with one almighty’s lightning strike just a Km away from your place and then you end-up running out of your toilet screaming to the top of your lungs,’holy Shit! Mummiiiiieeeeeeeeee!!!!!’ Without wiping your ass…..  Well I agree Shit like this does happens sometimes and/or can happen to anyone anywhere in his/her small lifespan….

Provided, I  being a citizen of India which is  a developing country and whose government quite right now is corrupt and a vote-bank policy lover, ummm, (coming-back-to-the-topic) cuts the electrical supply of small towns, whenever it’s raining. Giving the people who don’t have an inverter connection to their toilets, dark toilets… I can assure you with a 101% guarantee that neither this is nor  was (AND I’M ALSO HOPING THIS WON’T BE) my case as I was sitting calmly on my toilet-seat with my super-bass SKULL-CANDY earphones on(worth just Rs1199)  writing this crap and enjoying rockin DJ music….



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