When I used to give a shit

This poem was actually an honest, immediate answer to my (now)ex for what type of scene she created in college the very same day. And surprisingly after this rhyme was made public for everybody, she sort of felt sorry and  maybe wanted the post to be deleted too 😛 :P:P (SERIOUSLY SHE IS A _____ . Use any slang to fill in the blank 😉  ).  

In loving memory of,
“When I used to gave a shit”…

She wanted to live in the future,
But I wanted to enjoy the present.
she wanted to go to cinemas once a sem,
But I wanted it to be frequent.

She had to immediately leave after lectures,
But I wanted her to stay.
She used to call me directly,
But I wanted it to be ‘bae’.

She had problems publicly accepting me,
I obliged first but later let that go.
She wanted us both to be like ghosts,
To the world, never be known…

For her parks, grounds, benches were monsters,
As she’d always be frightened sitting at one.
I always wanted to tour this city ‘Bathinda’ with her,
My guide(she) postponed it to the future n so this too was never done.
*two lines to define us both* 

We were both like the poles,
 Of a horse-shoe magnet.
Same aim, relatively near, on the same platform,
But incredibly way too distinct..!!

Today, 3 days to our 6th month anniversary,
I have to spend money to buy her time.
If its not juice, Tikki, Patty or Samosa,
She’d board her PRTC bus n would long gone.

One thing for sure, I respect her for a fact that she spent,
Nearly 6 months with an ugly dumb bloke like me.
Who hardly knows how to react to sudden situations,
Where he should’ve undoubtedly kicked me booty.

 *If asked her to compare her with something,
I’d surely love to compare her with a computer.. *

She was like a desktop computer,
Without an internet connection.
Processing the new-age data,
With ‘half a dozen decades old’ methods of manipulation..

 It was maybe during the time of my surgery,
When I told her that,

 “Though I hope never ever, But if we were to break up,
**XYZ would be the reasons for it.”

Where XYZ can be safely understood as my poem titled,
‘when I used to give a shit’

**XYZ reasons can be taken as the points in this poem.

Well I’d like to thank my ex for being the inspiration of this one but she just won’t accept my appreciation…:P 😛 😛

I hope breaking up with her was the right thing to be done….. what do you suggest?


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