My Breakup Story

For once and all, everybody falls in love. Wishes about living together, dreams about small romantic, lovely n lively things to do together … But when these dreams which were held by tiny thread are slacked off, you realize the good days are over and an era of bad time falls upon us….. Which we eventually get over after sometime. Well here’s a rhyme on, “BREAKUP STORY”. Feedback as always readily accepted.

what a drastic change,
from a phone call to argument,
and from that argument to a fight,
which ended in ‘breaking up’ just before midnight.

the story of the phone call was a funny one,
which took place when at her’s wasn’t Anyone.
a signal to ‘be ready’ was sent through IM,
to which I respond, ‘for you, always I am. ‘

my phone vibrated,
her name n pic flashed.
dragged the green button down,
everything fine till 7″ but the 8″ made me go frown.

it was when during the 8″ I being honest as ever,
told her about wat I ate at my friend’s party-cum-dinner.
chicken pizzas and cold drinks was wat we all had,
dominoes, location mittal mall was where “I-eat-all-you-can’ed”

her reaction was like she caught me red handed fuckin a bimbo,
yelling at me as such that her voice went to-n-fro like echoes.
my frowning face turned to red anger,
wondering what the fuck is wrong with her?

then came the turn to spam each others IM accounts,
sentences written in anger such if spoken aloud would result in loud shouts.
both sides firing words aimlessly at anything that hardly even mattered.
both demanded things which made the other felt shattered.

I felt as if I had already been stripped off my army badge,
and now she had hands on my service rifle asking to let go of it too.
I, pissed off at that moment already,
still didn’t showed signs of breaking up any.

her continued resistance to ‘let’s buttfuckin kill all the fun’ still continued.
but thank God, by that time my ‘have some patience faggot’ was renewed.

she asked me to listen.
without interrupting, just fuckin listen.
that’s when she wrote a novel on ‘complaints’ regarding me.
to which I later replied with every legit logic and love too maybe…

the conversation was approaching an end,
as neither of us was willing to willingly bend.
that’s when I spoke up,
indirectly pointin towards the break up.

she nodded,
we parted ways.
our small ‘journey together’ ended,
as its said ‘hottest love’ often ends in the coldest ways….


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