It’s just a small wish

This whole scene of Aam Admi Party steering the revolution to change India, brought up a thought in my head too lately. A thought to change the world. To make it a better place. And it is true that in order to shape it in reality you have to dream it first… Here a few lines about that ‘changing the world’ dream of mine… Hope you like it….

I’m not crying coz I dont have friends.
I have plenty…
I’m crying coz I don’t know which of them will stay when I’ll be in a situation of dark sadness…

I’m not weeping coz I don’t have money.
I have plenty.
I’m weeping coz I don’t know if there would be a lil fortune left behind for my loved ones if I’m ‘up early’…

I’m not saddened coz I don’t have clothes.
I have plenty.
I’m saddened coz I don’t know if I’d be wearing enough clothes that day when I’d see a homeless shiverin in cold to give him/her my jacket…

My voice ain’t low coz I’m thirsty.
I’ve drank many different things many a times.
But my voice is a lil low coz the soldier up at the border fighting to provide safety for our asses isn’t always in harmony, isn’t always well fed, isnt always well rested, isn’t always drinking charming fluids while he’s on his duty to save our asses….

I’m not emotional coz I don’t have a shoulder to weep upon.
I do have a few people with their shoulders to rely upon.
I’m emotional coz when my times up, my society shall be ready to torch me just coz of some old rituals written a few thousand years ago… I grew up on this mother land, and after I die, I wanna give myself back to them from a single bone to all my flesh! everything back to them….

I’m not frightened by death.
I’ve lived plenty.
But I’m frightened by a moment which I imagined, a day my loved ones weeping and missing me and not living their life at their peaks…’coz of me…

My temper ain’t high coz I’m not able to help or do anything for anybody.
I know I’m trying my best.
My temper is high coz I’m here with all others trying to make this space a better place, but our efforts are unable to make a difference.

I’m not screaming today coz I own a great high pitch voice.
I know my voice is somewhat between average n bad.
But I’m screaming today coz the level of my heartache finally crossed a limit while watching this world degrade in every aspect of life, be it friendliness, kindness, being sympathetic or any other thing one could think of…! My BP’s high coz despite our technologies advancing, the average human is still sufferin off basic necessities….

I just wish that this world where we breathe, becomes graceful, beautiful, wonderful and boastful sqaqrather than awful and woeful for its people…
It’s just a small wish. Come let’s all join hands to make it true… 


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