Indifferent Destination but a Different Route

A charming thing that i personally feel about traveling is actually not the destination but the path taken. Its because we eventually reach the destination when we start traveling but what actually makes it an ‘unforgettable experience’ is the path followed, the route taken, the directions chosen…. i haven’t traveled much in my small teeny tiny life so far, but whatever chance i had, i did grab hold it and didnt let it go. though this small collection below has some repetitive scenes, but i can guarantee you one thing about them which is that every repeated image had a different route taken 😉    I hope that you’ll think about it….

Dhamsal dam, exactly 20km from my home.
Racing through Punjab's greenery, while on way to dhamsal dam
A view from the top of dhamsal dam
We humans are responsible solely for the reasons of your questions in this pic
Mumbai-Pune express highway

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