Should we do the same?

Thinking about a life so monotonous, and the same since somewhat more than 2000 years. I’m starting to believe that if the British hadn’t invaded us, we would have been not so ideological, cheerful, etc. We would have still been living with the same thoughts like hundreds of years ago like dowry, still would think that intercaste marriages are shameful, the practice of untouchables would’ve still continued, there’d be more and more temples and not a lot of other buildings, we would still be exposed to the attacks of the western and the europe, etc etc…. But now that we have a different fate, different story, different case, there is still a common similarity nowadays in our society. A same pattern amongst our society and god knows how many other societies. This following here is a little glimpse of our society on how the same pattern is being maintained. 

**Reader are advised**
**there are some grammatical mistakes in order to maintain the rhyme**

First they make us,
then to school they take us.
Then from pre nursery,
till a decade of this schooling misery.
They expect us to top every single subject,
while striking gold alos in every single aspect.
And once we’re out of this schooling shit,
and while we rejoice freedom for a moment ,
they say its time to get into the top university,
dare anything else then, “nobody’s worse than me”.
With any hopes left by the time we graduate,
they say,”get a job coz its time for you to money to make”.
And while we kill our soul and save every possible dime,
they take us to a woman’s home and say,”son it’s finally time,
for you to get married and keep our generation goin”.
And after that we wanna hear your wife say,”the baby’s kickin..”
And after having the first daughter or son,
they say,”really? just one….?”
Then at last they want us to maintain the chain.
Things they did for ‘their’ children,
now we too should do the same….


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