Ironical. Isn’t it?

Ironical isn’t it? ‘She’ still stays a part of ‘his’ most important passwords and ‘he’ doesnt exists for ‘her’… Despite ‘he’ has given up all the tiniest of hopes for ‘her’, ‘he’ sometimes still sends messages with “no expectations of a reply” to ‘her’ on her birthday… Maybe ‘she’ did reply ‘him’. Maybe in a parallel universe… Maybe ‘they’ got together, maybe they will never. Maybe ‘she’ still will stay a part of the tiny yet important passwords, Maybe more… But does this, ‘they’ and ‘he’ matter anymore? Do they? Maybe ‘he’ knows the answer. Maybe not. But ‘he’ still types this….. Isn’t that ironical?

Dear ‘her’ ,
                    #‎happy‬ ‪#‎birthday‬

Dated :- 13 Jan 2015 



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