What if I didn’t met ya?

They say somethings are already written down for some people so as to maintain a balance in this world. Some fates are already inked down to bring good ups and sad downs in their lives just to maintain the momentum. They say that some moments are predestined to happen… Some lives are connected just to change the course of the current path being led… Just be patient and keep faith…. 

What if I didn’t met ya,
Or anyone but ya,
50 or more years earlier,
I’d still have been a hater,
My soul, still ‘d be a wanderer,
Wouldn’t have achieved much,
Or atleast the same things like with ya.
What if I hadn’t met ya,
I really wonder what I’d be now.
Things that ya taught me,
Tough Moments that you made easy.
Your smile spreading super power,
That made everythin around ya brighter.
Life surely had been harder,
Had I not met ya,
Life surely had been darker,
Had our paths not intertwined..


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