Quantify the Quality

Physical tortures bear a limit for being called as ‘utter shameful acts’. For example, to slap a face and to chop off fingers, both are against the Human Rights. But asking you, “what caused more damage?” The majority would pick the fingers chopped. Because the human sentimentality obviously compares and picks the resources on the basis of some solid ground difference. For the same instance compare the damage of the same inhumane acts on the subjects, but this time you slap the subject daily for an year but chop off its one finger n let it go. Now this would be a debatable topic as there are many sides to possible situation. For instance what if the finger chopped off is the trigger finger of a shooter? Or what if the person to be slapped has a kind of tumor on his face? So for a biased judgment on any act, both the quantity and quality matter… Judgments are never easy.

Hurt him the quantity,
but make sure a difference in quality.
Hurt him for days,

but make sure a ‘day-off’ stays.

Keep hurting him, 
but not about some things,
which may mean him,
literally everything.


physical tortures are hazardous,
but mental ones are disastrous.
For once a feeling for revenge has been sworn,
he won’t stop till either he or the resource is torn.

So make sure for a limit,
where all this will stop.
As without that limit,
Nothing but humanity,
                            Will surely halt….


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