It all started with a pen

 This small stupid poem is an actual incident. To be honest, it has been a long time since I last wrote somethin… So my writing skills are kind of rusted a little bit. I started this poem in aabb format while on my bed just before dozing off, but I eventually dozed off leaving it just half done. Then a few or so days later I continued this project and accidently without noticing i started writing in the abcb format… So the poem kinda just changes its track off in the middle, but I’m happy it at least is trophy after a long time that I can share with you all (readers)… Hope you enjoy reading it 🙂

Woke up at 8,
Way too late.
Class starts in 30,
HTF do I get ready?
Brushing teeth, face washin,
No breakfast, n I was sprintin.


Went inside the lab,
Adjusted my cap.
Got a seat,
Took a break to cool down my heat.
Went to mark my attendance,
Just to ensure physical presence.
Mentally was I long gone,
Far away with my guitar singin a song.

Realized ain’t got a pen,
Oh I’m screwed once again.
Before he could even speak,
Snatched one from colleague.
marked my attendance,
And signed off with my initials.

Sitting in CN lab,
You never get to have the last laugh.
an incomplete CN lab file,
HTF am I even alive?
Thats when I wished to be eaten,
By deadliest sharks of Sweden.

Borrowed a complete practical file,
But finding a gel pen ended futile.
asked every goddamn sex,
Just not my bitch ex…
Might Even if she had one,
I’d ask her to shove it up her a**h***.

“Ask the leet students”
Heard this from one end,
But whom shall I ask?
ain’t got there any great friend…

But call it luck or fate,
A cute face with a pretty nature,
Somehow had my attention,
And I immediately asked her for a favor…

I’m no good at sign languages,
So she might’ve read my lip syncs.
But she nodded to my request,
And went looking for gel pen in a blink.

I was quite surprised,
At how fast all this happened.
No hassles, no quarrels,
Just my one signal and she positively nodded.

Amazed by her efforts,
I couldn’t resist gazing her…
And in a short while she waved the pen,
At me to come and borrow it from her.

With a surprised face,
I left astray my seat towards her,
Requested permission to get into her class,
Borrowed the pen and said thanks…

Completed my copy pasting,
With the pen she arranged,
She really really that day,
Had My ass saved.

*All thanks to her*

And that’s how it all started. 
Maybe a long friendship,
How long? I’m not sure
Maybe BFF,
Or maybe even more… 😉


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