I dont understand what sort of backup generator my body has installed for me, as whenever its late night, I have a strong urge to write something. Something good meaningful, something for the society, something for the change. Maybe its just that peace and calmness around which lets me think, think, think, think about things which I normally dont during the daytime… Here’s something which my mind came across just before sleep at 4:28 am… Hop  it motivates you to test n break your limits… 😉


We humans have quite a complex relationship with limits. First We built it. Then we built lots of them. Then we maintains them. And then we just simply break ’em.

We have different sorts if limits. Some test our boundaries, others keep us in them. And then there are some which inspire us, give us motivation, provide us that internal spark to break those limits and achieve our goals and live out our dreams…

Limits…. We human race, have a complex relationship with them….


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